"What groups are worth joining?" "Which groups have non-judgemental creatives/photographers?!" "I have only been in terrible groups with people that judge me!"

Do you find yourself asking these questions to yourself more than you'd like to admit? Well, I've been exactly where you are, and I would like to help.

The BEST and most helpful Facebook groups I have been apart of:

  • UNSCRIPTED for photographers: This is probably the best Facebook group I've been apart of, like ever. Unscripted is actually an app on your phone that has a ton of resources such as a camera settings guide for various times throughout the day, a "Sun tracker" where you can see when blue & golden hour will be, and my favorite, tools and resources. They line out what they recommend in terms of presets, online courses, gear & accessories, and directories. The main tool in this app is the posing portion of it. There are poses for portraits, families, weddings, maternity, boudoir, and even pets! The Facebook community is so helpful anytime I have any questions and the admins are awesome as well! Unscripted has a 'lifetime access' option, use code zenlionphotography to get $20 off and get this amazing app for life!

  • Dirtybootsandmessyhair COMMUNITY: This is the place to go if you LOVE moody and rich images. Everyone in this group is so helpful and you are welcomed to ask any questions pertaining to photography, pricing, editing, etc. It is a nice resource to have within Facebook, and I am so happy to be apart of it.

  • The Wild at heart with Jasmin Jade: This is for my boudoir photographers! Jasmin is AMAZING! She is such a sweet person and shares her knowledge with the world. She sells posing guides, and beautiful presets with gorgeous tones. This group is structured around trying to get hobbyist photographers to become successful business owners, and that is why I will always stand behind it! I am so in love with the mind-blowing work I see in this facebook group every single day, there are poses I would have never thought of otherwise! Jasmin also gives you the chance to be featured, and I think that is so thoughtful to all of the amazing people that are apart of the group.