First off, I'd love to introduce myself and thank you for checking out my very first blog post! As most of you may know, I am Janessa Howard, the creator and owner of Zen Lion Photography. I have an amazing husband, Austin, and beautiful malamute named Robbie (Photos of them below), whom I will probably talk a lot about in my blog posts to follow! I am a full-time college student trying to make ends meet while doing what I love.

If I had to sum up my why in one word, it would be passion. I fell in love with photography from the moment I was able to pick up a camera! My mom gave me all the tools I needed to succeed with what started as a hobby, she even bought me my first camera (thanks momma!). Since getting my first camera, my business has sprouted more and more everyday. I started off at 18 doing senior portraits for just $20. It's crazy thinking how low I started at, but to me this was something I just loved doing and I didn't know how the business side of things worked. At this point, I am doing all types of sessions! In the last four years I have grown so much and so has my photography. My passion for it grows so much everyday and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to do this.

Back to my why. The reason I started was because of passion, and that has fueled me during this entire journey. I believe so much more goes into this though. The feeling I get when my clients send me a nice & thoughtful message once they've received their gallery is enough that I'd want to do this for a lifetime. I love when I can take an individual or a family and give them an experience that will last them forever. This is the very reason this is why I am so passionate for photography and never want to stop!

Photos by Samantha Meza Photography